Videos by Silvia Hagen

There have been quite a number of videos from me and about me on Youtube, mostly recordings of conference presentations.. In the earlier days the presentations were on IPv6. Recently there were videos about Agility and organizational development. My newest video has been recorded this summer. It is about the release of my latest book and the first book, that is non-technical. It is called “The Magic beyond Form – eine Entdeckungsreise” (yes it is in German). I talk about the writing process, my intentions for the book and share some of my perspectives on consciousness development.

On my Youtube Channel you can find all the videos. I have created two playlists, one for organizational development und one for talks about IPv6.

The Magic beyond Form – eine Entdeckungsreise

An interview with Silvia Hagen about the publication of her newest book and thoughts on her perspective of life and the importance of personal development. In German

A book about courage, integral perspectives and the connection between science and spirituality.

2019 Sayling Wen – Talk about the Integral Organizational Map

A presentation held in Taipeh in 2019. The talk discusses the elements of the map. The four Quadrants by Ken Wilber, the consciousness levels of Spiral Dynamics and the developmental lines per quadrant.

Der verborgene Schatz agiler Herausforderungen – Agile Bodensee

This presentation introduces the integral organizational map (in German). Silvia Hagen explains how the map can be a very helpful nagivation tool in an agile transformation or in any developmental process.

IPv6 Day in St. Petersburg

This presentation was held in St. Petersburg. A good overall review of all important aspects of planning and integrating IPv6.

IPv6 – How do I convince my boss?

What are good reasons and the important topics, seen from a management perspective, to integrate IPv6 in a corporate network and products. In these 20 minutes Silvia Hagen condenses her many years of consulting of large enterprises and presents them on a silver platter.