Organization & Team Development

Leutturm Teamentwicklung

Organizational and Team Development

The foundation of successful companies and teams is committed collaboration of employees in line with the organizational goals. This sounds simple, but sometimes it is a challenge in practice. The prerequisite for this to be possible is a basic attitude of trust and open communication.

The basis for constructive cooperation is a clear analysis of the current situation and a common definition of the goal which integrates all different types of perspectives. In many cases, people first have to learn, how to engage, take responsibility, communicate openly and make their point. In order to achieve the defined goals, I use the appropriate tools for the specific case and, depending on the requirements, I also involve partners from my network. More information about my education and toolbox can be found on my profile.


  • Coaching of leadership, employees and teams
  • Teambuilding, reorganization, integration of agility and agile processes
  • Coaching for decision making and development of individuals or teams
  • Support and coaching for conflict management and seemingly incompatible objectives
  • Burnout prevention, selfmanagement
  • Communication, feedback culture (e.g. coaching of scrum teams for communication and retrospectives)
  • Coordination of complex IT projects with specific focus on team development and communication (also seeĀ Complementary consulting).

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