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Leutturm Teamentwicklung

Why the best subject matter experts cannot solve all problems

Why is it that expert knowledge alone is often not enough to solve the complex needs and problems of today’s organizations and their systems?

Experts are people who have very deep knowledge and experience in a specific field. In order to bring about change in an organization, however, it also needs a good understanding of the so-called soft factors. This includes understanding how the organization is “ticking”, which culture is predominant but also how the people behave in the organization, how they relate to each other, to the organization, and specifically how they relate to project.

A Holistic Perspective is a Success Factor

I have over 15 years of experience in planning and deploying IPv6 in complex, often international, networks. I’m an expert in this area. However, my projects are successful mainly because I place great attention to the soft factors. This requires a good sense for organizations and teams, as well as good communication skills. If it’s not possible to align a team that needs to work on IPv6 planning and deployment to a common goal, creates a lot of sand in the gear for the project and leads to constantly struggling with resistances stemming from the soft factors. This means that you have to take resistances, no matter where they are coming from seriously, and deal with them adequately. In this area, I successfully combine my expert knowledge with my understanding of systemic relationships and organizational and team development.

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