Planning the Implementation of IPv6

The implementation of IPv6 is an IT project with a much higher complexity than other IT projects. With a long-term and forward-looking planning, cost and risk can be substantially reduced.

I have more than 10 years of experience with large and medium sized organizations both national and international and across almost all industries. In my consulting I serve the best practices on a silver tablet. I can bring the best experts in my international network to the table.

The success of an IPv6 implementation often consists in the holistic approach at the beginning and in the planning. Focusing only on the technical aspects makes it difficult to implement it throughout the organization. My recipe for success lies in the complementary consulting.

I offer the following services

  • Definition of IPv6 strategy, conducting workshops for joint development.
  • Conduct internal internal information and education events for managers and technical people.
  • Support for the definition of an IPv6 address plan and security concept.
  • Support of the technical departments for compatibility evaluation with vendors. Participation in discussions with vendors, and also direct execution of evaluations and clarifications.
  • Development of an internal and external communication concept for the introduction of IPv6.
  • Definition of requirements for IPv6 application development.

Contact me for an informal talk to discuss your needs and possible procedures.

In my blog “Mindshift” I describe how such a consulting and planning could look like, what aspects you have to consider, and what procedures have proven to work well.


I have looked at many pictures about network and internet. I did not really like any of them. I chose the image of dolphins because they have a very sophisticated and well-developed communication system. In complex projects, I have often experienced that if it gets stuck and does not continue, it is due to the lack of communication. If you can restore the communication, the blockages will go away.

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