Projects and Initiatives

Organizational and Team Development

  • Conflict resolution in the management of an SME, followed by the introduction of agile methods and more self-responsibility in the team
  • Coaching of SME for creating a more agile organization. Work with leadership, management and team leaders.
  • Coaching of management teams to define vision and mission.
  • Coaching of teams to identify resistance and optimization of collaboration.
  • Moderation of workshops, retrospectives, big room planning
  • Coaching of leadership- and program management for enterprise wide coordination and communication of the IPv6 program and vendor management.
  • Plan and run internal Pv6¬† trainings (management-level, middle-management, IT architects, expert groups, application developers and strategic partners).
  • Assistance in establishing an ITO (IPv6 Transition Office).

Planning for the introduction of IPv6

  • Definition of IPv6 strategy including business vision, business and IT strategy.¬†Definition of target architecture. Identify risks and opportunities.
  • Assistance in developing an IPv6 adress and security concept.
  • Support in evaluation of IPv6 compatiblity with vendors. Assistance in discussions with vendors. Making evaluations with vendors directly on behalf of the customer.
  • Developing an internal and external communication concept for the IPv6 program.
  • Definition of IPv6 requirements for applications with longer life cycles that are developed internally or externally. IPv6 education of application developers.
  • Planung of diverse IPv6 initiatives in diverse organisations (industry, finance and banking, chemical industry, governments) with global networks.

Network- and Applicationperformance Analysis

  • Analysis and identification of causes for low performance in complex networks and architectures (virtualized, load-balanced). Comparison of different locations. Identification whether performance loss is coming from the network or is application based (or both). Multiple projects, references on request.

Diverse Projects

  • Evaluation of an open source strategy to replace Microsoft applictions by open source plattforms and products. Comparison of TCO over 5 years.
  • Planning and implementation of a central mailrouting solution for diverse independent international mailsystems (Exchange/Groupwise) using identity management.
  • Assessment¬† of the application architecture for a financial institution. Evaluation whether the defined development guidelines have been respected and whether the application architecture is extendable and scalable.
  • Consulting for design, planning and migration to a Microsoft environment.