Sunny Connection offers coaching and organizational development, as well as holistic IPv6 consulting. 

For all areas of expertise we also offer public and corporate trainings, which can be customized to your needs and target audience.

We teach and consult in German, English and French. In Switzerland and internationally.

Partnerships and positions

My working experience

In a nutshell:

  • 20 years of experience in complex IT projects in medium sized and large organizations, internationally
  • Technical author (IPv6 Essentialsfor O’Reilly among others)
  • 20 years of experience in adult education, development of courses, delivery of courses  at public institutions and inhouse trainings for customers
  • Education in systemic organizational development and coaching (BSO certified education at ISI in Zurich)
  • Organization and delivery of workshops and trainings in the area of integral organizational development and leadership (self-management, conflict management, team development)

After an excursion into corporate marketing at 3M Switzerland, I started my business life in the music industry. First in promotion and marketing for major record companies and then as studio manager of an international recording studio. Since 1995 I lead my own company Sunny Connection AG. My area of activity has changed over the years, along with all the changes in technology. In the early years I was mostly active in directory services and identity management and networks in general. This was followed by indepth occupation with TCP/IP and IPv6. I wrote technical books in both areas. Today my main technical focus is on IPv6 planning for implementation as well as network and application performance analysis. Since 2010 I am the chair of the Swiss IPv6 Council and have substantially contributed to the fact that Switzerland is among the top 10 countries in IPv6 user adoption. Here you can find more information on my IPv6 activities..

Since several years I work and study in the area of agility, applying the concepts to projects in the network area but mainly in the area of agile leadership and cultural transformation. Here I can bring in my many years experience in large organizations and with complex projects, as well as my education in systemic organizational development. Technical expertise and a good knowledge about processes and tools alone does often not suffice to introduce business agility successfully. The challenge is on soft factors, the people, the culture and the way people treat each other. I am a founding member of, a network of agile coaches. Here you can find more information on my activities in the area of organizational development and business agility. .

My Education

  • After high school certificate Matura Type A (old languages), I did several educations in the corporate area, in business administrattion, marketing and promotion.
  • Retraining in networks, techologies and protocols. Ongoing continued education in different technologies (Novell, Microsoft, Cisco).
  • Edcuation in Organizational Development and Coaching at the Institut für systemische Impulse in Zurich (BSO-certified institute).
  • Many different complementary educations in organizational development, coaching, communication techniques, leadership, Spiral Dynamics, Integral Model by Ken Wilber, constellation work for enterprises and networks, social sciences, neurology and psychology
  • Several educations in agility (Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner, Management 3.0, Certified Agile Leadership, Lean Innovation, LeSS, Sociocracy 3.0)

Social competence and personal skills

  • Professional and competent behavior with partners at all hierarchical levels
  • Excellent communication skills
  • I am authentic and prefer to work with people that meet each other on eye level
  • I love to work with inter-disciplinary teams, I always look for the big perspective
  • I am pragmatic and focus on finding solutions.
  • I have a talent to build bridges, to work at the interfaces (e.g. between business and IT, or between customers and developers), to bring people together in a room and create a good environment for open communication, to find creative solutions.
  • I have a talent to quickly understand complex issues and structures, to capture the key points and to present them in an easy to understand way.
  • I am dedicated to a holistic and sustainable perspective.
  • I love to invent new things and ways, to leave beaten tracks and to experiment.


  • German – mother tongue
  • French – second mother tongue
  • English – spoken and written, fluently