Building Bridges between Polarized Viewpoints

Our public discussion around the virus needs an understanding of different points of view and respect for people with different points of view. This article looks at the public discussion through the lens of the Spiral Dynamics model of consciousness and thus shows interesting perspectives. An attempt to build bridges. ...
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Behind every Fear lies Pure Creativity

.... or - to quote a well-known saying - fear gives wings!
Fear is going around in these days of the pandemic threat, is stirred up by daily bad news and even stricter regulations and measures. Fear makes us nervous, stressed, insecure and open to manipulation. Our body releases stress hormones. It is medically proven that our immune system as well as our creative thinking power is severely weakened. ...
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Spiraling across Cultures – Our Taipeh Journey

Cynthia from the Sayling Wen Foundation in Taipeh called us in summer 2019 and said: “We want to make Taiwan Teal, can you support us?” Wow, what a task! How about making the planet Teal? After many discussions about if they knew what they were asking for, Szabolcs and I went to Taipeh in early November 2019, attending a two day conference organized by the Sayling Wen Foundation. On day one there were several presentations on the topic of ...
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Business Agility: How to get Finance on Board – or how to be profitable while focusing on purpose

Often with cultural transformations of organizations it is difficult to get finance on board. Many have no idea, how it could be possible to make the budget and investment process leaner without going down the drain. We all know the hectic towards the end of the year, the time, energy and money that is “wasted” ...
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