Agiler Transformationsprozess

Helpful Travel Guide for your agile Transformation Journey

Experience shows, that sustainable transformational processes can only succeed, when the individual potential of the employees and the interpersonal potential of the organization is activated. This article shows, what that means and presents a model, how this process can be approached holistically. ...
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IPv6 solves Business und Security Problems

IPv6 costs a lot but has no advantages? A common misconception in many organizations. IPv6 expert Silvia Hagen explains in this article, that this perspective ignores areas in which IPv4 becomes more and more of a problem where IPv6 brings solutions. Find an overview in this article (German). Link to Blog (German) ...
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How IoT (Internet of Things) and Blockchain are going to drive IPv6 Deployment

IPv6 is slowly but irresistibly making its way into the Internet and into our networks. In industrial countries, the average user adoption rate is around 30%, Belgium being the leader with over 50%. Over 25% of the Top Alexa 1000 websites are dual-stack, which means, they are reachable over IPv4 and IPv6. On all front ...
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Mindshift – Success Factors for Implementation of IPv6

A sensible planning requires a long-term perspective. In many cases, a mindshift is necessary. ...
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